New script

I recently installed irssi on my old desktop for use as an IRC proxy. The wonderful part was finding Denis Lemire’s script, which sends push notifications to my iPhone via Prowl, an iPhone app that accepts growl notifications and displays them as alerts. When you’re connected to one of the proxy connections, no notifications are sent, but when you aren’t, you get them on your phone.

The weird thing is that if only one client is connected, no servers send notifications. If you’re connected to the Bitlbee proxy, private messages and mentions on Freenode won’t be sent, even if you aren’t connected to it. To me, it makes a little more sense to have each server decide whether to send notifications based on whether you’re connected (communicated to the system by away status) to that particular server.

So here’s my hacked version, which has a more dynamic scheme for when to send notifications. Check out the client_connect and client_disconnect subroutines. Everything else I left alone.


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  1. Agreed, that just makes far more sense. I’ve committed the change:

    Thanks for sharing!

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